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Cecilia Speedy - 2 Groups

NEW! Automatic, delivering 2 cups at the same time.

Cecilia Speedy 2 groups is a professional coffee pod machine which lets you prepare two coffees simultaneously. It has been called SPEEDY because it is very fast, it is compact and it takes a small space. Each brewing group is fitted with the single spout (for 7 gram pods, i.e. one cup). The two groups have separate switches so as to optimise electricity consumption. It is an automatic version that gives you the possibility of setting the delivery time: long (for a long coffee) or short (for a short, concentrated coffee). Like all the models in the series, it is fitted with a 3.5 litre thermoblock, which produces a considerable saving in energy consumption.

Great Italian Coffee Solution for
Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants

We can setup a demo on your premises or you can visit our showroom. Free tasting included.

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