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E.S.E coffee pod machines with an exceptionally small footprint

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Piccola Gold

Quality E.S.E. coffee pod machine with patented design

La Piccola Perla maintains the same performance as the Piccola Piccola but with a gold colour front surface: professional quality espresso coffee, eco-awareness and economy in use, due to the choice of paper pods and its ultra-low energy consumption.

The espresso coffee extracted has the same quality as with our other professional pod machines. It has very low energy consumption. It can be connected to a tank, even a large one, for water intake, and to a drainage tank, so as to be able to prepare coffee non-stop with the smallest possible footprint. The handy pull-out drip tray makes cleaning easier.

The elegant rigid case (optional) is covered in eco-leather, with zip closure and carrying handles. The inside is lined with anti-scratch material and there are convenient elastics to hold accessories.

Recommended for boats, campers, motor homes, domestic use, offices and hotel rooms.

Great Italian Coffee Solution for
Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants

We can setup a demo on your premises or you can visit our showroom. Free tasting included.

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