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Space Saving, Commercial Coffee Machines

<p>Space Saving, Commercial Coffee Machines</p>

We have a range of machines to fit your available space

  • Consistent, great, Italian coffee every time
  • Specially designed for our E.S.E. coffee pods
  • No barista training needed: any of your staff can use it
  • Instant on, instant off
  • No tedious cleaning routine: virtually maintenance free
  • Your guests get the look and feel of a traditional machine

Compare it to traditional and bean to cup

Fresh Italian Coffee

<p>Fresh Italian Coffee</p>

Our E.S.E. pods contain professionally ground and temped Italian coffee enclosed in paper filter.

  • Great taste: artisan roasted coffee from Italy
  • No grinder required: clean and space saving
  • Environmentally friendly: pods are biodegradable
  • Always fresh: each filter pod is individually wrapped in protective atmosphere
  • Easy inventory: 1 pod = 1 coffee served
  • Easy to store and plan
  • Virtually no waste

What are E.S.E. pods?

Excellent After Sales Service

<p>Excellent After Sales Service</p>

Our reputation built up in East Coast Suppliers is simple: if we make a promise, we deliver on it.
We understand publicans better than any other coffee provider on the market.

  • Dedicated staff at the end of the phoneline
  • After hours emergency service
  • Established delivery chain
  • Replacement machines and quick repairs
  • You are guaranteed a perfect shot of coffee every time

Branded Glassware and Supplies

<p>Branded Glassware and Supplies</p>

We can supply you with frothing jugs, cups, glasses, sugar, take away cups etc…

  • We can supply you with everything to start your coffee business:
  • Cappuccino cups
  • Latte Glasses
  • Espresso cups
  • Sugar
  • Biscuits
  • Wide range of Coffee Blends
  • Organisers and other accessories

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