What are E.S.E. Coffee Pods?

Italian Easy Serve Expresso coffee pods

E.S.E. Pods - Easy Serve Espresso

<p>E.S.E. Pods - Easy Serve Espresso</p>
  • Bio degradable pods
  • Paper filters out impurities
  • No separate coffee grinder needed
  • No mess, no waste
  • Every coffee you make is exactly the same as the last one
  • Perfect consistent taste
  • Created in perfect atmosphere and sealed for fresh quality product

Our E.S.E. coffee pods blends

How E.S.E. coffee pods are made?

<p>How E.S.E. coffee pods are made?</p>

Rules to using Lucaffe Pod Machine

<p>Rules to using Lucaffe Pod Machine</p>
  • Switch power on
  • Place pod in holder
  • Pull down handle
  • In less than a minute, espresso is ready
  • Dispose of Pod
  • Go home

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